France Sexage - About

France-Sexage is based in the heart of the farmland in northwestern France’s region of Brittany. Founded in 1975 by Guy Marlot, the company grew into a thriving small business with 115 employees in 2015 led by Joël Chauvey, Chairman of the group France-Sexage Inter-Avic. Today the company deploys its services in Brittany and neighbouring regions throughout northern and western France (Normandy, Loire Atlantique, Maine-et-Loire and La Sarthe) as well as the United States, Hungary, Ireland and the North African countries of Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.
Our work philosophy is mainly based on the quality of the sorting performed by sexers and the capability to rapidly determine a chick’s sex using the vent (or cloaca), wing and sight (pheasants) sexing techniques. Our staff takes an essential in-house training programme to acquire this unique expertise used to sort males from females for their work in hatcheries.
Building on our know-how and experience, we combine rigour and teamwork, two keys to success in our business.

Head office

Located in the town of Breteil 20 km west of Rennes in western France, France-Sexage Inter-Avic welcomes you to its offices, to answer all your questions about our field of business or make an appointment.

Species Covered

Our sexers work with chicks, turkey poults, ducklings, guinea fowl, pheasants and goslings.

Our expertise

The expertise of our sexers is primarily gained through their experience and the meticulous care they give to the sorting process. We aim to maintain an accuracy rate of over 99% to maximise productivity and avoid unnecessary checks in order to preserve animal welfare.


France-Sexage has been distributing the poultry line of IMV Technologies products in France and North Africa for the past 10 years.

Inter Avic - About

Inter-Avic was created before sexing when the idea for this technique was needed to help livestock breeders. This unique know-how, based on a certified in-house training programme, is gained through technical experience at both livestock farms and hatcheries to improve productivity, quality and the well-being of the animals we work with.
Inter-Avic covers the entire range of the livestock services, including injections and other practices such as beak trimming and calibration. We have successfully integrated the core business of poultry farming by providing services such as loading, unloading, implementation, and many more, in different environments – aviaries, battery farming and on the ground – to help breeders as much as possible in their most challenging tasks. 
Inter-Avic takes steps to meet work hygiene standards. This is a critical aspect in our business, as the risk of contamination between humans and animals is high.

Branch office

In September 2015, a branch office was opened in the Pontivy business centre in northwestern France. France-Sexage Inter-Avic welcomes you to its new offices, to make an appointment or answer all your questions about our field of business thanks to the expertise of Patrice Jaouen and his colleague Aurélien Chauvey.


We mainly work with poultry, turkeys and ducks but also with swine, providing castration, marking and injection services.

Our expertise

Turkeys :
Injection on species 3 weeks old
De-clawing/Beak trimming at 1 day old
Pinioning at 1 day old
Desnooding at 1 day old

Breeding hens :
Injection on species 14 to 18 weeks old

Standard pullet :
Injection at any age
Eye drops/Transfixion

Ducks :
De-clawing (manual or using our machines)
De-beaking (manual)

We take care of capturing all the species listed.

They trust us


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1, rue des Métiers - 35160 BRETEIL

11, avenue des Cités Unies - 56300 PONTIVY